• GL180伺服牽引切割機


    The traction machine adopt Taiwan planetary reducer, Japan Panasonic servo governor, on two groups of roller wheel with the driving wheel transmission, is currently on the market the best stability auxiliary conveying, suitable for conveying in all kinds of high demand tubes and profile products.


    輥輪直徑:180mmRoller wheel diameter: 180mm

    牽引電機功率:1.5kwTraction motor power: 1.5kw

    切割電機功率:1.5-3kwThe cutting motor power: 1.5-3kw

    牽引調速方式:伺服TractioCutting control mode: servo,

    切割控制方式:伺服、PLCPLCn speed control mode: servo

    牽引速度:1500r/minTraction speed: 1500r/min

    切割方式:180360°Cutting: 180 or 360 degrees